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Welcome to GreenLeaf Accounting

Where Financial Growth Begins

At GreenLeaf Accounting, we’re more than just accountants; we’re your 100% virtual trusted gardeners of financial success. Picture your business as a thriving, lush garden, and Peggy Koller as the nurturing hand that tends to its growth.

Cultivating Diverse Expertise

Our services are the tools and techniques for cultivating a thriving financial garden. Just as different plants require various care, we offer a range of accounting and other specialized services.

Accounting and Fractional CFO Solutions

Think of our virtual accountants and CFOs as the expert gardeners, meticulously planning and nurturing your financial growth. We provide tailored financial care for businesses of all sizes, like different plants in a garden.

Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination

We’re your watchful garden sentinels, sifting through the soil to uncover hidden irregularities and protecting your assets from financial pests.

Tax Preparation Services

Trust us to prune away the tangle of thorns and provide a stress-free experience.

Cannabis Accounting

Like a unique and exotic plant in your garden, we provide specialized care for the distinct needs of the cannabis space.

Discover the GreenLeaf Difference

When you choose GreenLeaf Accounting, you’re not just hiring an accountant; you’re inviting a team of experienced gardeners dedicated to your financial garden’s success. Our virtual accounting services bridge the distance, ensuring your garden thrives no matter where you are.

With GreenLeaf’s expertise, your business blossoms with strategic financial planning, meticulous forensic care, protection from financial pests, and specialized care for the unique needs of the cannabis industry. Join us in tending to your financial garden’s growth and prosperity.

At GreenLeaf Accounting, we’re not just about numbers; we’re about cultivating your financial garden’s growth, one financial bud at a time.

GreenLeaf Accounting, LLC

Located in Eustis, FL

Phone: (352) 534-7617
Toll free: (833) 524-2739
[email protected]

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